Card Issuing Systems

Centralized Card Issuing Systems

Infotec Systems offers central card issuance solutions combined in a range of configurable high volume, high speed platforms. The Matica robust, modular designs can incorporate thermal printing, laser engraving, embossing, laminating, card encoding, and mailing.


The Matica S7000 is a robust, modular card personalization system. The design can incorporate thermal printing, laser engraving, embossing, laminating, card encoding, mailing and even drop-on-demand inkjet printing. It can be configured to perfectly match any requirement, including financial and governmental (ID) card issuance. It can easily be upgraded with additional modules that enable increased speed, performance and throughput.

  • Single control software, fully compliant with Visa/Mastercard requirements
  • SDK for third party integration, including smart card encoding
  • Throughputs of up to 2400 cph (dependant on personalization technology choice)
  • Thermal color printing
  • Embossing and tipping
  • Front and Rear Indent
  • Advanced laser engraving for PVC and Metal Card issuing
  • Single or multi smart card encoding stations
  • Mailing and fulfilment inline
  • Live visual and data verification

Complete printing and embossing solution designed for centralized financial card issuance. Designed to meet the specific needs of mid-volume card issuance programs, the S6200GE is a preconfigured printing, embossing, and tipping platform. It integrates proven proprietary technologies for high quality card production. The S6200GE has an excellent performance to price ratio, making it ideal for cost-conscious service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions delivering production volumes up to 600 cards per hour.

  • Thermal printing, embossing, indenting and tipping with optional card encoding
  • Built upon proven, proprietary technology
  • Modular, with flexible configuration and defined field upgradability
  • PCI/DSS compliant software
  • Step-up license option to “unlock” any field upgrade option
  • Single or multi smart card encoding station
  • Upgrade to S7000 high-volume issuance system
  • Inline card mailing, card folding and envelope insertion
  • Magnetic stripe encoding

Cost effective financial card embosser with indenting and tipping features. The S5200E is a compact EMV card embossing solution, capable to print 500 cards per hour depending on encoding configuration. It is designed to exceed the single shift duty cycle, while ensuring consistent performance and output quality.

  • Cost effective for small-to-mid volumes (1M a year)
  • Tabletop EMV instant issuance of credit and debit cards
  • Third party integration SDK for Smart Card Encoding
  • Up to 500 cards per hour

Flat card laser engraving,

The S5200LX laser engraver is the only industrial solution in the market for flat card engraving with laser technology for low volume issuance and specialist applications. The system is designed to laser engrave flat debit and credit cards (Visa quick read). It can also engrave display cards, government ID cards such as driving licenses, as well as metal cards.

  • Laser personalization of metal coated cards and multiple composite plastics
  • Long lasting laser element for affordability, low cost of ownership
  • State of the art laser engraving technology
  • ow to mid volume issuance schemes
  • Flat debit and credit card personalization
  • Flat ‘Visa quick read’ cards
  • Government ID, such as drivers licences
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Single or multi smart card encoding station
  • Floor standing cabinet

The Horizon EMV card embosser is a high-volume, high-speed card personalization system engineered with individual Card Personalization Elements (CPE’s) to provide flexibility and personalization to meet your specific requirements.

  • Throughput rate of 1,000 crisp & quality cards per hour
  • 2 x 250 cards input hoppers as standard
  • Dual (front & rear) indent
  • Multiple coercivity level in magnetic stripe encoding
  • Multi-Chip Contact and contactless stations (4 – 8 – 12 stations for optimum speed)

Card Mailing Systems

Infotec Systems provides card mailing systems that automate the process of producing, packaging, and delivering payment cards to customers, ensuring secure and efficient delivery while reducing manual labor and costs associated with traditional card mailing methods.


The MS1000 is a unique, feature rich card mailing system for centralized applications. It is a simple and affordable solution for stand-alone automated card mailing and fulfilment applications. It comes as a pre-packaged solution including reading station, card on carrier application, folding and envelope insertion.

  • All-in-one reading, attachment, printing, folding, inserting system
  • Ideal for small to medium volumes
  • Preconfigured, dedicated PC using Maticard Pro software
  • Reliable, robust design
  • Affordable addition to any centralized system

Desktop Card Printers

Infotec Systems provides card instant issuing solutions that revolutionize the customer experience by enabling financial institutions to instantly produce and issue payment cards on-demand, eliminating the waiting period typically associated with traditional card issuance processes.

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